My Time on Silverton Preschool Committee by Hilary Stevens

I joined Silverton Preschool committee when my son Joshua was attending the preschool back in 2014. I joined with three other close friends PJ Wright, Louise Berry and Sally Jackson and we formed a committee along with 5 or so other parents who have since moved on and others joined who I am now also privileged to call my friends too.

As a committee we have dealt with all sorts of challenges and experienced highs and lows. My most favourite part of being part of the committee has been the fundraising. I have organised Christmas Fairs, Jumble sales and band nights and all other kinds of events which have raised a remarkable amount of money and has helped the preschool no end. Enabling them to buy new technology and resources and play equipment over the years.

Many people do not know that Silverton Preschool Playgroup is a charity, in 2015 & 2016 the village had very low numbers of children which had a knock on effect with us. We have had to work to a tight budget and looked at various different options to keep ourselves afloat and setting up our breakfast club was one of them which has been a huge success which is now very popular amongst the families in Silverton.

Currently I have been Chair of the committee but at the end of June I intend to stand down and take a back step and act as the Street Market Rep, as its now time for new families to take over running the preschool who have interests for their own children. Joshua moved up 2 years ago – I am sure the PTA at the primary school will be after me.

I have thoroughly enjoyed myself over the last 3.5 years and have made some wonderful friends and relationships with staff. It is a Preschool to be proud of and I hope for many years to come.


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