About the Preschool

Silverton Preschool Playgroup aim to provide for your child/children an educational and learning atmosphere as laid down by the DfES Early Years Foundation Stage, to encourage development that is both progressive and continuous (in all areas). We provide equipment that is stimulating, educational and up-to-date. We feel that these combined with our happy and safe environment will enable your child/children to achieve their full potential preparing them for the future educationally and socially.

We know from our experience as providers of Pre-school education that children of Preschool age “learn through play”.


Learning Through Play 

We have a great variety of things to do at Preschool including painting, craft work, jigsaws, story-telling, playdough, sand, water, 

singing and music sessions, dressing up and role play, small group learning activities, outside games and much, much more.


Communication and Language

Providing a rich and stimulating environment to talk and listen to others.


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Promoting positive self image, positive relationships and respect for others.


Physical Development

Allowing Children opportunities to challenge themselves, both outside and inside.



Providing opportunities for children to link sounds and letters through story and rhymes.



Supplying varied resources which encourage number, shape and measurement experiences.


Understanding the world

Promoting exploration of their physical world and community.


Expressive art & design

Creating and designing using different materials and media. 

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